The challenge of Globe Forwarding Agency 'go-anywhere' approach

The challenge of Globe Forwarding’s 'go-anywhere' approach

Global project logistics is a complex and challenging business. It requires planning and preparing for the known and managing the unforeseen. Each project is made up of a unique combination of obstacles and challenges depending on cargoes, systems and scope of work.
Identifying the challenges and the risks requires experience and expertise, and putting solutions in place requires organisation and determination. Achieving this around the world is what Globe Forwarding does every day. Globe Forwarding’s projects get delivered on time and on budget around the world.

The solution lies in tailor-made concepts managed by skilled personnel

To achieve sustainable success in the project logistics world requires a company to have people with a depth and breadth of skills, talents and experience and an organisation with the ability to manage and mobilise them effectively. Globe Forwarding complements the core competencies of its clients by providing in-depth transport expertise at both origin and destination countries, and extensive local knowledge through project staff located in all of their offices. Globe Forwarding’s people make things happen. The experts range from Heavy Lift Engineers, Project Managers, Shipping & Chartering Experts, Air Charter Specialists, Freight Forwarders, HSSE Managers, Quality Experts, Compliance Personnel and IT Specialists.
    This regional expertise provided on the ground at the key project locations is underpinned by the support from corporate centres of excellence to create a complete freight management package, providing expertise on and management of:

  • HSSE
  • Compliance
  • Quality and Assurance
  • Risk
  • Heavy Lift and Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Information and Systems
  • Diversity and Inclusion
Working together with the client, Globe Forwarding has the experience and the expertise to develop focused and objective project plans that are designed to fulfil customers' project goals and provide an integrated solution for each stage of the project lifecycle. The creativity and energy of the multi-skilled Globe Forwarding project team then realises these plans, driving performance, overcoming all obstacles, and transforming ideas into reality no matter where the project is in the world.